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John Maltese Iron Works, Inc. is a Structural Steel Fabricator and Erector based in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Family-owned and operated since 1954, John Maltese Iron Works has been delivering quality steel structures to public and private clients for more than 56 years.


Capable of producing a single beam to more than 1,000 tons of the highest quality fabricated steel, John Maltese Iron Works is a nimble, agile business eager to tackle any building project, no matter the size. 

Schedule Driven.

Our experienced managers draw upon both the latest computer scheduling technologies and vast reservoirs of construction know-how to consistently deliver projects on schedule.

Problem Solving.

When things go wrong, John Maltese Iron Works focuses on making it right.  Managers put the best interest of the project first.

Communication and Coordination.

From Architects and Engineers to General and Sub-Contractors, today’s construction projects include dozens of players. John Maltese Iron Works understands that good communication is key to a successful project and uses all available means to take the lead in coordinating it’s construction activities.


Through careful, conservative stewardship during his more than 40 years of active leadership, John Maltese laid the groundwork for a solid, robust corporation able to successfully deliver projects in all economic climates.


At John Maltese Iron Works we believe that structural steel is a superior building product: strong, lightweight, durable, safe, and beautiful.  Delivering steel of the highest quality is more than a job, it’s a passion.